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  • Live Coaching Calls held three times a week where Madeline & top experts give you targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and your next steps.
  • Weekly check-ins from your Accountability Coach to create step-by-step plans for working through the program and landing your dream job.
  • An instant network & place to ask your urgent questions.
  • ​Templates, spreadsheets, tools, and trainings cover everything you need under one roof & is constantly updated, so you stay on the cutting edge of everything that’s happening in the job market.
  • And more!

I knew it would be unlikely that I would be able to find work in the events industry, but I also wasn’t going to settle for a next role that didn’t propel my career forward... with Madeline's strategies I received 3 job offers for roles outside of the events industry without applying online, and was thrilled to accept an offer to be CMO.

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